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ItsBerny ItsBerny 31 January

Creo battle style

I have been playing Evocreo for about 100+hrs now and I know its not that long but I am going to share my opinions anyway, feel free to share your piece of mind as well! Anyways, 100+hrs of playing made me realised that, each creo has one of the two battle styles which is Health Chipper and 1-Shot KO.

Health chipper uses condition to chip off of the opponents health, a great normal condition moves are Gamma(causes the opposing creo to be badly poisoned), Beta(causes the opposing creo to be badly burned), Lacerate(causes bleed) and much more. For Elite moves there is Shadow Maul and Chaos. This kind of creo needs to be a little bit tanky because Health chipper are very useful for prolonged fights. A great creo to showcase this class is Stegopod…

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Stormourner Stormourner 18 December 2016


wonderful news everyone!! Ilmfinity have announced a new EvoCreo game called TapCreo X3


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Morisandas Morisandas 3 December 2016

To begin this

Ive begun to really get started on this wiki and i've decided to keep sort of a log to help keep track of everything i've done. This way I can keep track of work i've done and still work that needs to be done. I have included screenshots below of work I have completed for today, early this morning. 


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Stormourner Stormourner 4 November 2016

New Evolution for the Creos

this is the list of Creos that deserves an evolution:

  • Common: Cloufi, Terrasect and Valtree
  • Uncommon: Ferredow, Hemishield, Heptapus, Illuvian, Motcee and Peptein
  • Rare: Dykar, Emperuin, Equaves, Fermokang, Fettman, Hippokrab, Konigsha, Pugbur, Sariqo, Tenefoly and Truegato
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Ririblob Ririblob 8 October 2016


hi i would like to get admin rigths

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MZangan MZangan 20 September 2016

Adopting EvoCreo Wikia

Hi everyone !

I am planning to adopt this wiki, since it's kinda inactive and there are no active admins anymore. There are a lot of things I can do as a simple contributor, but with admin rights I could do more (like a lot of cleaning). :)

Pleave leave a message here or on my talk page if you have questions ! :)

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