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This walkthrough is currently under construction. You may edit it, but please follow my structure of the walkthrough. VoidrayX August 1st, 2015.

EDIT: I am discontinuing the walk through due to loss of interest, anyone who wishes to takeover is welcomed to do so. All sections up to Section 3 have already been completed. VoidrayX January, 2018.

The Walkthrough will not include all Miscellaneous item pickups as these can be found in the Location's wiki pages, on specific maps. It will mostly be a how to complete game completely and quickly and secret areas guide.

The basic structure of this walkthrough was inspired by the pokemon wiki for their formatting - Credit Given, Thanks.

Disclaimer: A Modded client is used to "Easy Win" trainers so that the walkthrough can be completed faster and also open up Koppla Cave which is currently an unreleased location within the game as of Version 1.2.

This guide was created by VoidrayX w/ help from A.Jenkins07 and will be giving an extensive walkthrough for EvoCreo. Users may contribute to this walkthrough, but must follow the same format used by the original creator. If you are a first timer for this game, read the Introduction portion of this page first, before going into different sections. Thanks for Reading.


The order of the walkthrough are as follows: Main Game till Atmos Region then Capturing Prime Creo then Side Quests then End Game then Post Game and Secret Areas


Evocreo is a Pokemon Inspired game, with improved game mechanics. For more details on the game, visit the home page here.


When you first start the game, there will be an introduction to the world of EvoCreo.

Then you are asked to choose your gender, (This Avatar can be changed any time in the Bio menu)


Then, you have to enter both, your name and your sister's name. These names cannot be changed without starting a new game, so double-check that you have tapped the correct letters. Press "YES" when you are happy to continue.


For the sake of this walk through our name will be "EvoCreoBoy" and our sister's name will be "Sister"

With all this complete, you are now ready to begin your journey through Zenith.

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