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This page is a walkthrough for the following locations: Carbon City, Trail 10.

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Carbon City

Upon entering Carbon City move up and you will see the RAD for this region.

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Follow the path right to enter the main city. Move down and you can buy Creo from the shops, the color of the shops banners indicate the element of Creo they sell

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After buying if you want any move down till you see a barn, enter it and a farmer will talk to you.

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He will ask you a few question about EvoCreo and if you get them correct you will recieve Naja

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Yes, No, No, Yes, Yes

Carbon Arena

Exit the barn and up till the EvoCo then down and right and following the path to the Carbon Arena

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This arena uses mainly earth-type Creo.

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You will need to pay a fee of $50 to participate in the Arena.

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After paying the fee move up and immediately left to see a battling field. Move into the field and talk to the referee

You have to win 3 battles without leaving the arena to win the arena

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-59 Obsius
-54 Aeraja
Obsius Aeraja
Lv. 15 Lv. 16
earth dark
Reward: 437 earth air
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Fabio Gorski
-69 Radow
Lv. 18
Reward: 127 earth
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Brian Welsh
-52 Armaja
-41 Regodon
Armaja Regodon
Lv. 20 Lv. 22
earth earth
Reward: 593 earth earth

After you win the arena, the referee will award you 1 Nimah Vial.

Now leave the arena.

-WIP-, slightly busy these few days would be putting this on hold for a while

Carbon Lab

After leaving the arena follow the path till you see a dirt path with 2 farmers on it, follow it left and down and enter COLMENA BUILDING.


Once inside walk a little and REGINA talks to you about Genetically modified Creo.


You are currently not able to "come back later to GM your creo". This is probally a planned future content

Largo Bridge

Leave the COLMENA BUILDING and follow the main path right and down to a red bridge.

Upon entering and walking a few steps TAKU aka your fanboy battles you

Taku (Scaled)
-1 Fyroey
-19 Elacat
Fyroey Elacat
Min Lv. 10 Min Lv. 12
fire electric
Reward: 759 fire electric

After which follow the bridge right towards Carbon City , you will encounter many battles along the way. First is ANTHONY HANSON

Anthony Hanson
-4 Monkopod
-10 Deor
-51 Naja
Monkopod Deor Naja
Lv. 11 Lv. 11 Lv. 11
nature normal earth
Reward: 464 nature normal earth


Marcel Matz
NPCBattleSprite (285)
-69 Radow
-71 Ravian
Radow Ravian
Lv. 10 Lv. 13
dark light
Reward: 970 earth air

After that you may choose to battle Kurt Burkett by walking into his line of sight

Kurt Burkett
NPCBattleSprite (270)
-60 Fulget
-19 Elacat
-48 Balloo
Fulget Elacat Balloo
Lv. 11 Lv. 12 Lv. 12
electric electric nature
Reward: ᵶ492 electric electric nature

Talking to the farmer reveals there is a secret that can be reached using FLY with a Creo That Learn Fly from Largo Bridge. This secret location has the Prime Creo Seacean and will be covered in a later part of the walkthrough.


Next battle is with Damien

-87 Seglar
Lv. 15
Reward: 211 water

After which talking to a citizen suggests that SHADOW HIVE is in the area


You can now exit Largo Bridge into Carbon City

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